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A paperwork delay at the Salt Lake Police Department has resulted in the release of a man who allegedly forced a 12-year-old girl into prostitution.

The mother of the child fears the man will hurt her, her daughter, or exploit other children now that he's out of jail."Who do they (the police) think they are? Don't they care about my daughter? Don't they have daughters of their own?" the woman said Friday, after learning of the man's release.

David Keith Bolin, 20, walked out of jail Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. because a detective had not yet met with prosecutors to screen possible charges against the man. Jail officers are required by court order to free prisoners within three business days after they are booked if no charges are filed against them.

The detective assigned to Bolin's case, Robert Rackley, said Friday he didn't get paperwork regarding the case until Thursday at noon, 17 hours after Bolin was freed. "It sometimes happens . . . that's all I can say," he said.

No charges have been filed against Bolin. Rackley met with prosecutors Friday and was told he needs to gather more evidence if any charges are to be filed. If enough evidence is gathered, a warrant for his arrest will be issued.

"I have no reason to believe he has left town. I think we'll get him," Rackley said. However the detective admitted he had no evidence to support his belief. "It's just my gut feeling."

Assistant Chief Stephen Chapman apologized for the mistake, saying one of Rackley's superiors failed to check a jail log that would have informed him of Bolin's arrest and encouraged an expedited response.

"This is the first vice case in a long time that has come up from patrol. We just didn't check the proper paperwork to ensure it got followed up. It's our screw-up," he said. Chapman said such mistakes are rare occurrences.

Bolin was booked into jail Monday for investigation of aggravated exploitation of prostitution after the girl's mother called 911.

She told police her daughter began crying earlier that evening, saying she didn't want to leave the house but "had to go."

The mother persuaded her daughter to tell her why she was upset, and the girl admitted she had been performing sex acts for money on State Street, according to a police report.

Patrol officers corroborated the child's story with statements from four other people, including two girls who accompanied the 12-year-old on "tricks."

According to the witnesses, the suspect became a pimp to the girl by approaching her through one of her friends, the report states. The child's friend, who is 13, told police the suspect asked her to see "if (the girl) would do it . . . if she would work for (him) full-time," according to the report.

Her mother said the girl agreed because she was drunk when asked. She was scared to quit prostituting because she feared the suspect and had sworn an oath on the memory of a dead "Crips" gang member to work for him, the mother said.

"She thought she couldn't go back on the oath because the gang would beat her," the mother said. `She has the body of a 17-year-old but the mind of 12-year-old. She still is afraid of them."

The girl had been prostituting for about four nights, the mother said, noting she was a virgin before being forced to sell her body. "I'm worried about AIDS and other diseases because I know there was no protection used," the mother said.

The child is currently receiving mental counseling and health care.