A new IHC Prenatal Care Center is scheduled to open Friday, March 15, and will be accepting new patients every Friday. The center is located at the west side of Orem Community Hospital, 331 N. 400 West, Orem.

The center is committed to encouraging expectant mothers to adopt healthy behaviors early in pregnancy. Special classes are offered for fathers. The center will also help the mother access other community and educational resources and educate younger family members.The staff will include Drs. Jack Cox, David Flinders, Jim Giovino and Scout Young, all board-certified family physicians experienced in obstetrical care. They work in collaboration with Jan Marsh, a nurse educator and lactation consultant.

Other community agencies, dietitians and counselors are also part of the team. For complications and high-risk pregnancies, other specialists will join the team.

For more information or to make an appointment, call 371-7734.