Washington High School has been awarded one of three $22,500 grants through the Learn & Serve America program for service learning projects.

The grant was submitted by Mission 2000 in consortium with the Ogden/Weber Chamber of Commerce and Weber State University. The proposal focuses on getting and keeping Washington High School students in school, helping these young people to become productive members of their community and assisting them in becoming career-focused.The program will seek to bond these disaffected adolescents to school and to education through recognition of their service to their community, building of their self-respect through interaction with adults and peers, and through the completion of assigned service learning projects. Workshops on personal and social skills will be held weekly, further assisting students in reaching their long-term goals.

"I'm delighted that Washington High School was selected to receive this grant. I believe we will be able to better integrate our students with their community through this service learning project. We'll have a chance to reach out and pull in those kids that are struggling with staying in school or returning to school. And that will help our community in the long run," said Dottie Cassingham, Washington High School's project coordinator.