"Who's Crazy at the Sanitarium?" a murder-mystery dinner theater event presented by Hunt Mystery & Company, will be performed Thursday, March 21, at the Camelot Restaurant, 930 W. 2000 North, Layton, and Saturday, March 23, at the Riverboat, 700 W. 4500 South, Murray. Both performances begin at 7:30 p.m., with doors opening half an hour earlier.

Written by W. Lee Hunt, "Who's Crazy at the Sanitarium?" is a madcap whodunit featuring the singing-and-dancing duo Red and Ginger Snapper (Gary Thompson and Kim Madsen), crazy Winnie Mae Just (Melissa Rasmussen), not-too-smart Detective Maxwell House (Mike Hardy), by-the-numbers Count Mortimer (Andy Airriess), macho Dr. Payne Neddles (Travis Isaccson) and three members of the audience playing the parts of orderly Larry O'Brien, sanitarium administrator Dr. Manfred Nottingham and sanitarium assistant Denise Pease.All members of the audience will get the chance to play parts in the sanitarium craziness, but it's no surprise when nurse Rose (Hot Hips) Callahan and orderly Larry O'Brien have trouble keeping them all in line and someone needs "emergency medical attention."

Cost is $30 per person for each show. Reservations are required. Call The Camelot at 773-1336, and The Riverboat at 268-2628.