Efforts began Friday to remove buildup in a water line serviced by Salt Lake's Metropolitan Water District, a $375,000 undertaking.

Water quality has not been affected by the restricted flow and residents shouldn't see any change in their water supply during the project.A Houston-based company has contracted to clean the 8.3-mile section of pipe. District officials first noticed the restricted flow when they found that a thin buildup had developed in a portion of the concrete pipe, which measures 6 feet in diameter.

The line is part of the Salt Lake Aqueduct, north of Little Cottonwood Water Treatment Plant at 9000 S. Danish Road in Sandy.

The district supplies wholesale water to Salt Lake City, Sandy and the Salt Lake County Water Conservancy District. Sandy residents are not affected by the project.

Should residents notice cloudy water, they can flush their in-house faucets to correct the problem. District officials maintain the project won't at any time affect safe drinking water standards.