Thursday was a frustrating evening for Utah forward Keith Van Horn. Not only was he back at the team hotel not able to play during Utah's 72-43 win over Canisius, he wasn't even able to watch the game.

Van Horn was too sick to accompany his team to the game and was left in his hotel room by himself. But the game was blacked out locally so Van Horn was only able to get updates of the Utah game and not able to see the action.But in some ways it was better for Van Horn not to be able to watch the game.

"Luckily I didn't have a chance to watch it," he said. "It would have been a lot worse."

"He was pretty depressed last night," said Ute trainer Gerald Fischer. "But he's doing a lot better today."

Former Utah basketball coach Bill Foster (1971-74) is the tournament manager for the Dallas subregional after serving as the associate commissioner of the Southwest Conference.

Foster said he still has fond memories of Utah and has connections to the area through Utah head coach Rick Majerus and athletic director Chris Hill.

In the late 1960s, Foster coached Hill when both were at Rutgers University in New Jersey. And Majerus came to Foster's basketball camp in Utah as a young coach in the early 1970s.

"He even stayed at my house for a week and we've been friends ever since," said Foster, who coached at Duke, South Carolina and Northwestern since leaving Utah.

Coincidentally one of the other coaches at the Dallas subregional is Bill Foster of Virginia Tech. The two Bill Fosters have been confused with each other throughout their coaching careers.

With the demise of the Southwest Conference, Foster will be looking for a new job next year.

Iowa State coach Tim Floyd is one of the up-and-coming bright coaches in college basketball today. He's never had a losing record in nine seasons at Idaho, New Orleans and Iowa State and has been to three NCAA and three NIT tournaments.

In 1989, after three years as a head coach, Floyd interviewed for the open head coaching job at Utah, but he was passed over in favor of Rick Majerus.

"I interviewed for that job, but they hired the right guy, obviously," said Floyd.

Ironically, Majerus was considered for the Iowa State position two years ago when Floyd got the job. But Majerus said he didn't actively pursue the job but was asked to consider it by athletic director Gene Smith, a friend of his from his days at Ball State.

Majerus and his assistants have been known as one of the best staffs for game preparation, especially when they have a lot of time to prepare.

However, sometimes the Utes haven't done as well on the second game of a two-game set like this, which was the case in last year's NCAA when they had poor second-round game against Mississippi State.

Majerus said his staff took a little more time this year to prepare for a possible second-round contest.

"We divided it up with the staff - two took Cal and two took Iowa State. We made more of an emphasis on an awareness that we would have a second game coming, hopefully."