I have noticed some resentment of "Robocop," and I wonder if those in favor are possibly the "Silent Majority." To me, it is a way society may benefit from our new technology. That technology has had a downside: TV violence, pornography on the computer networks, etc.

I would like to register in favor of the system and would like to see it expanded with more units in all traffic areas. It would also help if it could be programmed to ticket others besides just speeders; maybe even those who impede traffic by poking along in the fast lanes. And, how about those who change lanes several times in a block? It might also help some to decide which way to turn before they reach an intersection.I can understand the opposition; there are some who will obey laws only if there are enforcers in evidence. This is the mindset that causes more crime during darkness. How many lives would be saved each year it all drivers knew that their vehicles were under surveillance every mile?

Orton Lewis