Basic value standards have to be common to bring stability to a society. When there are widely divergent values relating to a problem, it is extremely difficult to settle the problem.

Let us examine social outcomes of changes in Utah society over the past 50 years:1. Teachers were able to demand good behavior or students would be expelled from school. Teachers were respected to a higher degree as they were among the few to graduate from college.

2. Abortion was not a major question 50 years ago in the court systems. Middle class taxpayers of today face the threat of being forced to support abortions for a welfare class of people.

3. Well-known words and expressions of the army-sergeant nature were considered unacceptable in public and especially in schools. Television usage and widespread usage in public have made the halls of schools much like an army barracks in terms of language.

4. AIDS was unknown. Sex education has become necessary for very young people. The disease threatens the public in terms of blood transfusions.

5. Many of today's illegal drugs were not commonly known.

6. Murders were rare in the state.

7. Spray painting and drive-by shootings were not known.

By my standards, we are making reverse "prog-ress" in sociological areas. People of 50 years ago would have been astounded and dismayed (and rightfully so) at the very thought of gay clubs in a school. The whole fiasco is a disgrace to the state. It defies common sense. People who have problems need to have the best of Christian courtesy and respect for their proper rights. However, like alcoholism, homosexuality should be abhorred.

We have a situation where a few are forcing the many into a corner or having to face expensive lawsuits. Any common sense course of action should take place out of the courts. The school board should be permitted to go ahead with normal business without the millstone of this ridiculous fiasco.

R. Craig Snow