I would like to respond to Jason L. Price of Salt Lake City as to why "Ruzicka is meddling in S.L." Mr. Price is obviously not totally informed as to what Gayle Ruzicka and Eagle Forum are about and what they do, and he obviously has some opinions about "radical state legislators on the Republican side of the aisle."

Firstly, we moved to Utah two years ago and shortly thereafter were invited to attend an Eagle Forum meeting, which we did. I found there a group of concerned women, men and elected officials who were trying to be informed and help inform others of what was happening in our political system within Utah. The issues Eagle Forum deals with are family and moral issues. Such things as anti-pornography, anti-abortion and educational issues to name a few. Gayle and others who work with her work constantly to stay on top of things so that the public can be informed on the issues and hopefully make correct and good choices. Those who associate with Eagle Forum know Gayle to be a woman of the highest integrity, honorable, compassionate and willing to stand for what she believed to be right. If we only had a few more Gayle Ruzickas in Utah, we would be better off.And the reason Gayle Ruzicka "meddles" in things outside her "Utah County haven" is because she serves as the Utah Eagle Forum president for the state of Utah. Everything that goes on in Utah is her "haven."

Lastly, my question to W. Price is what is wrong with being on the Republican side of the aisle? We all ought to be somewhere. And at least you know where Gayle Ruzicka and Eagle Forum are.

Janeen Carter