A day after his team's triumph in Provo, where he experienced a range of emotions from rage over officials' calls to giddiness following the title-clinching victory, Utah coach Rick Majerus was in New York holding court on national television.

Majerus, fancy sweater and all, was the halftime guest for ABC's coverage of the North Carolina-Duke game Sunday afternoon. He talked on a variety of subjects, including the top teams in college basketball, his own team and possible coaching opportunities for himself.It was great exposure for the Ute program as Dick Vitale and John Saunders talked about the Ute team and allowed Majerus to brag about his players.

Vitale called Keith Van Horn, "the best player in America that doesn't have a great reputation," - whatever that means - while Majerus gave senior Brandon Jessie a solid plug.

"He's our best defender, a tough rebounder . . . as much a part of our success as Van Horn," he said.

Saunders asked about the soon-to-be-open job at the University of Illinois, where Majerus has been listed as a possible candidate because of his ties to the Midwest.

"I don't think they've got a hotel in Champaign that puts a mint on the pillow at night," said Majerus, referring to his living quarters at the University Park Hotel. "I'll have to pass on that one."

Later, Saunders asked Majerus for his Final Four picks and he listed two Ute opponents this season - Kansas and Wake Forest - along with Kentucky and UMass.

Saunders then listed Kentucky, Villanova, UConn and Utah, to which Majerus laughed and replied, "they've been working you too hard."

A night earlier, Majerus wasn't in a laughing mood when he was whistled for his first technical in more than two seasons for apparently stepping out of the coaching box. That really set Majerus off and late in the game he got after the officials for not calling a technical when BYU fans threw tennis balls on the floor.

He was livid because he felt the officials weren't being consistent after giving him a technical for being out of the box after a warning, but not calling a "T" after the fans had been warned earlier that anything more being thrown on the floor would result in a technical. The officials finally did call the technical, and BYU coach Roger Reid had to take the microphone to appeal to the Marriott Center crowd to stop throwing things.

Earlier in the game, Van Horn, who had a career-high 38 points and 11 rebounds, was whistled for a technical for "taunting" after making a layup.

Van Horn was perplexed by the call, saying later, "I was just excited for myself. I didn't even see (Jeff) Campbell there, but they said I yelled at the guy."

Utah had been expected to have a big advantage inside against the smaller Cougars, but centers Michael Doleac (seven points, four rebounds) and Ben Melmeth (no points, two rebounds) had quiet games.

Instead, it was the play of guards Andre Miller (14 points) and Mark Rydalch (19 points), combined with Van Horn and Jessie, that made the difference.

This week, the Utes head down to Albuquerque for the WAC tournament, where they'll likely play the winner of the Wednesday's Hawaii-UTEP game, Thursday night at 6:30 p.m. If Air Force upsets San Diego State Wednesday, Utah would meet the Falcons.

If the Utes win Thursday night, they'll play the winner of the BYU-Colorado State game Friday at 9:30 p.m. The championship game is set for Saturday at 8:30 p.m.