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The Sevier School District Board of Education will try to create support for capital projects and maintenance plans within financial constraints.

That is one of seven goals the board hopes to accomplish in the next five years.Board members have also decided to add needed portable classrooms and buy property for campus expansion at one elementary school, announced that a new policy at South Sevier High School has reduced tardiness and truancy by as much as 90 percent, will require some schools to conduct fund-raising programs in the spring only and adopted the 1996-97 board meeting schedule.

Other outlined goals include emphasizing and enhancing arts education in all schools; implement a comprehensive guidance program; improving student learning by developing more effective methods of teaching and evaluating curriculum; enriching a comprehensive staff development plan for employees; and emphasizing customer-friendly schools with family and business partnerships.

Business Administrator Samuel D. Ware said a student population crunch will require portable classrooms at the Salina Elementary School. The district will also acquire nearby railroad property for campus expansion.

Cluff Builders of Manti was awarded the contract for four portable classrooms, bidding $145,825 plus a maximum $3,000 for classroom heating and cooling controls. Other bidders were Modular Sales of West Jordan and Williams Scots-man of Sandy.

Delivery date of the units was a prime consideration in Cluff Builders getting the contract, promising to have the classrooms installed within 90 days.

Ware said purchasing the small amount of railroad property has been difficult because of other pressures and demands, but the board passed an "eminent domain" resolution to acquire the property. An appraisal will be required.

The new policy at South Sevier High School has reduced tardiness by 90 percent and truancy by 75 percent, reported Principal Allen Coryell. He explained that students who are tardy three times go to detention and lose one credit, but they can make up the work to reinstate the credit.

The school is also making concentrated efforts to reduce students' use of foul language, Coryell said.

Board members concluded that spring would be a better time to conduct school fund-raising projects because of financial pressures at the beginning of the school year when parents are buying clothes and need money to pay student fees. "Students don't go door-to-door for funds and, if that happens, patrons are asked to report it to the school district office," said DeLoss Christensen, district business partnership director.

Board meetings will be at 3 p.m. for the next school year except for two sessions at the district office that will begin at 7 p.m. Sessions will be at different locations. Work sessions are also planned and will be advertised, Ware said.

The board meeting schedule includes Aug. 8, Pahvant Elementary in Richfield; Sept. 12, Koosharem, Elementary; Oct. 17, South Sevier Middle School at Monroe; Nov. 14, Salina Elementary; Dec. 12, Richfield High School; Jan. 7, district office; Feb. 11, Ashman Elementary in Richfield; March 12, Red Hills Middle School in Richfield; April 10, South Sevier High School in Monroe; May 15, North Sevier Middle School in Salina; and June 12, district office.