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The Consumer Product Safety Commission has voted to exempt sleepwear for children age 9 months or younger from federal flame resistant standards.

The commission's 2-1 vote Tuesday also exempted tight-fitting cotton sleepwear for children of all ages from the same flammability requirement.The amendments will take effect 18 months after they are published in the Federal Register, the government's listing of its rules and regulations.

Currently, children's sleepwear size 14 and under must be chemically treated to resist fire, with the exception of polyester garments. Polyester doesn't catch fire as easily as other materials, such as untreated cotton.

The commission's vote was based on staff findings of next to no injuries linked to tight-fitting sleepwear - such as a one-piece, footed pajama - or to night clothing worn by infants younger than 1 year old.

The staff found that tight-fitting sleepwear was less likely to come into contact with an open flame.