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Starting in June, the Monday showings of "Late Show With David Letterman" will be taped the previous week rather than earlier the same evening.

The show's producer said the change would be made to lessen the weekly workload and to use Mondays to tape the on-location comedy pieces that have become a signature of the show, as well as to work on other comedy elements.The new Monday schedule - which calls for taping that show in two parts on the Thursday and Friday before - is an experiment, said Rob Burnett, executive producer of "Late Show."

"We're going to try this for now," he said. "I don't know how regular it will be. Every so often we'll still do a new show on Mondays. But we'd like to do more with our remote video pieces," he said.

Letterman often takes a video camera crew and goes to some location where he tapes a series of encounters with people. These are later edited into short videos.

When Letterman joined CBS in August 1993, it was the first time he had broadcast five new shows a week. During his 11-year run on NBC, he always had one night off, first Fridays and later Mondays.

Leslie Moonves, the president of CBS Entertainment, said he approved of the idea to give Letterman more freedom to be creative on his show. "What distinguishes David Letterman," he said, "is his ability to do special things, not just the traditional late-night stuff."