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Around the worldU.S. WASTE: Chinese officials found 640 tons of waste - including sewage, used syringes and rubber gloves - that was imported from the United States and dumped outside Beijing, a news report said Friday. The National Environmental Protection Agency refused to give the name of the U.S. company that exported the garbage.

ARTIST DIES: Garth Williams, whose magical illustrations of pigs, cats, dogs and other animals enlivened classic children's books including "Charlotte's Web" and "Stuart Little," died Wednesday at his hacienda in Guanajuato, Mexico, at age 84.EXECUTIONS: Seven people were executed for murder, robbery and other crimes today in China's ongoing anti-crime campaign. Newspapers and television reports have contained virtually daily reports of mass sentencing rallies and executions of groups of people. Courts recently have been ordered to use the death penalty in more cases.

Across the nation

FREEMEN: After more than a week with no visitors, the anti-government Freemen met with a Montana lawmaker on their 960-acre ranch. Rep. Karl Ohs spent two hours at the farm Thursday, the 46th day of the group's standoff with the FBI. "Everything went fine," he told reporters without elaborating. It was the first visit to the ranch since May 1, when Ohs and Assistant Attorney General John Connor Jr. brought the Freemen an offer of leniency on state charges in return for their surrender to federal authorities.

MELEE: Nine Orthodox Jews were arrested in a New York melee that erupted after two Orthodox Jewish security guards were charged with hitting a black man in racially troubled Crown Heights, police said. The guards allegedly beat the man with their walkie-talkies because they believed his 8-year-old nephew had stolen a bicycle, police said. The guards' arrests on assault charges sparked a street melee Thursday night in Crown Heights, the volatile Brooklyn neighborhood where relations between blacks and Jews have long been strained.