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City Rep's Family Theatre has announced its 11th season, beginning Sept. 21 with a stage adaptation of "The Canterville Ghost" and continuing through the fall of 1997 with Hans Christian Andersen's "The Emperor's New Clothes."

The six-production lineup includes:- The Canterville Ghost, based on Oscar Wilde's witty comedy about an American family taking up residence in a haunted British manor (Sept. 21-Nov. 9).

- Snow White, a new stage adaptation of the classic Grimm Brothers fairytale (Nov. 16-Feb. 1). This production will take a brief hiatus for City Rep's Christmas holiday show.

- The Fantastic Mr. Santa Claus, a new production focusing on jolly old St. Nick himself (Dec. 7-28).

- Swiss Family Robinson, based on Johann David Wyss' classic adventure about a family ship-wrecked on a deserted island (Feb. 8-April 5, 1997).

- Anne of Avonlea, continuing the adventures of "Anne of Green Gables," with the unpredictable Anne Shirley growing up to become a school teacher at Kingsport Ladies College (April 12-June 7)

- The Emperor's New Clothes, which pits two rogue weavers against the vanity and pride of a king (June 14-Sept. 13).

Joanne Parker, City Rep's artistic director, notes, "During the past few months we have searched for and read many wonderful stories, trying to find just the right ones to present this coming season. I am excited by the prospects ahead."

Due to audience demand, the 1996-97 season will see an expansion of City Rep's popular morning performances for elementary school field trips. These performances will also be scheduled on Thursdays as well as Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Season tickets are $45 for adults and $33 for children (16 and under). Call the box office at 532-6000. City Rep recommends its productions for families and children from 4 and up, except for "Swiss Family Robinson" and "Anne of Avonlea," which are recommended for children at least 6 or older (due to the mature emotional themes).

Season tickets include an extra "It's Your Choice" ticket for use by subscribers to bring an additional family member or guests to the per-formance of their choice. The vouchers can also be used to attend two special family events scheduled during the spring.

Single ticket prices are $7.50 for adults and $5.50 for children. Prices for the school field-trip performances are $3.75 each.

City Rep is located at 638 S. State.