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Ameritech Library Services of Provo and its parent company, Ameritech of Chicago, are joining with the Library of Congress to digitize historical collections from libraries across the country.

The National Digital Library Program is designed to make available more than 5 million items on the Internet by the year 2000. Anyone with access to the World Wide Web will be able to view the digitized items.The Ameritech Foundation is making a $2 million grant to establish the Library of Congress/-Ameritech National Digital Library Competition. The competition will assist libraries in digitizing unique collections for distribution through the National Digital Library Program.

"Our efforts literally will bring thousands of American treasures from across the United States into libraries, homes and schools everywhere for millions to enjoy and cherish," said Richard C. Note-baert, chief executive officer of Ameritech.

The National Digital Library Program will make rare collections available online, where previously they were only available by visiting the Library of Congress. Digitization also helps preserve rare items by reducing the number of times they are handled.

"The dream of linking all people to information and creating libraries with no limits is now a giant leap closer to reality," Notebaert said.

The $2 million grant is the largest ever made by the Ameritech Foundation. Details of how libraries and other institutions can apply for the grants will soon be announced.