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A hearing-impaired University of Utah student was recently named the recipient of a national college scholarship through the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf.

Scot Ferre, 19, Salt Lake City, was one of 73 winners of a 1995-96 Second Century Fund Scholarship from the international organization based in Washington, D.C.The association's college scholarship program offers assistance to students who have been deaf since birth or before acquiring language.

Born with a hearing loss, Ferre has been wearing hearing aids since he was 31/2 years old and regularly uses speaking, speech-reading and writing to communicate with both hearing impaired and normal hearing people.

Throughout high school he maintained an honors average and has been active in extracurricular activities. Ferre was also on the debate team and attended the National Young Leaders Conference in 1994.

At the U., Ferre received a scholarship from the psychology department and hopes to study psychology and political science.