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Cottonwood Hospital-

BENNION, Leslie and Lane, Salt Lake City, boy, May 10.

BICKMORE, Kimberly and Terry, Sandy, boy, May 9.

CHRISTENSEN, Melissa and Preston, Salt Lake City, boy, May 9.

CHRISTISON, Dayna and Michael, Magna, boy, May 9.

DURFEE, Becky, and JOHNSON, Kevin, Salt Lake City, girl, May 9.

GLAITTLI, Carolee and Patrick, West Jordan, girl, May 9.

LAFFERTY, Kimberli, and ALEXANDER, James, Salt Lake City, girl, May 9.

MENDENHALL, Becky and Nolen, Salt Lake City, girl, May 9.

MEYER, Rebecca and Jay, Salt Lake City, boy, May 10.

OCHOA, Emily and Cortney, Salt Lake City, boy, May 9.

SMITH, Felicia and Jared, West Jordan, boy, May 9.

McKay-Dee Hospital Center-

BISCHOFF, Marianne and James, Clinton, girl, May 9.

DICKSON, Tym and Douglas, Liberty, Weber County, boy, May 8.

ERICKSON, Debra and John, Roy, twin girls, May 9.

HARRIS, Shelly and Ryan, Ogden, twin girls, May 9.

HUMPHREY, Tammy and Douglas, Clinton, girl, May 8.

HURST, Tina and Walter, Willard, boy, May 9.

MECHAM, Nicole and Rodney, Roy, boy, May 9.

NEVILLE, Wendy and Kevin, Clearfield, boy, May 8.

PACKER, Elizabeth and Steven, Smithfield, girl, May 9.

STODDARD, Pamela and Anthony, Ogden, boy, May 9.

VAN DREEW, Rebecca and Paul, Roy, boy, May 8.

WEBER, Mindy and Michael, Roy, boy, May 9.

YOUNG, Terri and Kent, Ogden, boy, May 7.