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It is with great interest that I've read the letters to the editor concerning light rail. I can hardly believe the arrogance of its proponents. They continually deny the results of the election that turned down light rail and appeal to opinion polls instead. They write that we, the voters, didn't really vote against light rail but only against the tax hike. I voted against light rail.

I'm grateful for Brent Overson and the 2nd Congressional District candidates who have the courage to speak out against this boondoggle. The feeble excuse that the federal government will foot the majority of the construction costs completely ignores the future financial drain light rail will be on the state. It also ignores the hypocrisy of using federal money, which is also our tax money, for this project while speaking out against the federal deficit.There is a need in this valley for mass transit, but there are alternatives such as heavy rail on existing rail tracks, the monorail system being built in Las Vegas, high occupancy lanes on the freeway, even the building of some toll roads should be considered. Why do our politicians ignore the suggestion to make 700 East a one-way road during rush hours? Finally, if light rail is thrust upon us and proves to be an economic disaster, as I am sure it will be, are our political leaders ready to pledge to be responsible for the results? Or will light rail, like Syn-crete, be excused and swept under the rug?

Jeffrey Swanson