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It was one of those rare stormy evenings in Hawaii. There was a strong cool wind coming from the north, and rain was coming down in sheets. As my wife and I were driving to the temple that evening, we wondered if anyone would come in such terrible weather. The first session was sparse.

Several of the brethren and the temple presidency gathered around the admittance desk discussing the matter. The second session was about to begin and no one had arrived at the temple. Off handidly, one brother suggested to the temple president that they sing "Come, Come, Ye Saints." President T. David Hannemann thought that was a good idea. A group from the temple gathered by the front door and heartily sang "Come, Come, Ye Saints." As they finished the song, they could see a couple coming up the walk, then another couple, then another. The second session was nearly full and the last session of the evening was so full it nearly had to be divided.