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Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father, which is in heaven. - Matt. 5:16.

Eight days after giving birth, I was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery due to a ruptured appendix. In addition to the pain, I was concerned about my husband and four young children. Ward members flooded our home with meals. Young women volunteered to care for the children, and there was a waiting list to take the newborn. I was grateful for the help and prayed for an opportunity to give back in some way what I had been given.

While I was recovering, one of the nurses spoke rudely to me, and I was neglected. The girl who drew my blood complained about her salary and job conditions. The night nurse told me about his life's misfortunes. I listened and asked questions cheerfully, but later thought about how insensitive they had been to my needs.

The next morning as the sun rose over the hilltops, I said my prayers aloud. The first thing that came to me was a feeling of gratitude for all who were helping my husband and children. I paused and the most exquisite feeling of joy came over me and tears flowed. These words from Matthew came to my mind. I realized that I had not recognized the answer to my earlier prayer. Listening to the concerns of the hospital staff was my opportunity to repay the good works of the ward members. I could serve the nurses by letting the light of Christ shine through me even in my physically weak state. During the rest of my hospital stay, I focused on the service I could give by listening to others. It seemed my own discomforts lessened proportionately.