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A vice squad raided a dollar-a-game pinochle party at a mobile home park and cited eight senior citizens for gambling.

The "Carson Eight" were playing the card game, a near-daily ritual in the park's clubhouse for 20 years, when three officers came in and asked what they were doing, the Daily Breeze of Torrance reported Friday.They admitted playing for money and were promptly arrested.

"We thought it was a joke," said 64-year-old Sally Rose Lee, who had 75 cents on the table. "I laughed. It was ludicrous."

The vice squad confiscated two decks of cards and a couple of score sheets.

Police defended Wednesday's raid, saying they had received several complaints and had no choice but to investigate.

Members of the "Carson Eight" said they believe the complaints came from a disgruntled resident upset about smoking in the clubhouse. They said they will not pay even a token fine and want a jury trial.