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I work at Hill Air Force Base and use UTA as a means to get back and forth to work. Lately UTA has been switching drivers every three months. We had our change a couple of weeks ago. UTA has not put a permanent driver on our route as of yet.

I am on route 65 Express to Hill. It costs us $1.75 each way. For the past two weeks we have had to put up with late trips in both directions on many occasions. For example, on April 29 the bus was 15 minutes late picking us up at Valley Fair Mall. That night after work the bus did not pick us up till 3:50. We get off work at 3:30, and the bus is supposed to leave Hill at 3:35.Many of us have called customer service, and all we have gotten is lip service from UTA supervisors. They keep telling us that the bus will leave Salt Lake sooner to be on time. Due to road construction near Lagoon, so far that hasn't happened. How can UTA justify rate hikes when it can't even run a bus route on time?

Steve Knight

West Valley City