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In regard to the proposed massive new tabernacle or public meeting hall that may be built on the block where the Deseret Gym is, I hope those in power will first seriously consider, the following:

It seems to many of us who live right downtown that the mass of cars for 40,000 people, the seating capacity suggested for the new building, will create horrendous congestion and even more pollution for the downtown area.If the church would like to build an outstanding meeting hall to be seen in a flattering setting, it might put it on a much larger acreage, perhaps nearer the airport, where there would be ample parking, ample on and off ramps, and space for beautiful gardens and fountains, creating a peaceful setting.

The magnificent Salt Lake Temple is already so hemmed in by massive buildings that one more will suffocate it. How tragic it will be then when we have to turn to old paintings or photos of the Salt Lake Temple to see how magnificent an edifice was built by our pioneer forefathers.

M.J. Robinson

Salt Lake City