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A woman struck by a hit-and-run driver Friday night remained in critical condition Saturday.

Betty Joy Marquez, 24, was struck as she was crossing 600 North near Catherine Circle (1440 West) about 11:45 p.m. She was taken to LDS Hospital. The driver and vehicle fled the scene.Witness Spencer Rawlston was watching television in his apartment when he heard "what sounded like a boom."

"When I ran out, there was this girl in the road," he said. "So I went back inside and grabbed a bunch of sheets to put over her. There was blood all over her and she wasn't breathing real well. Her feet and arms were all twisted, too."

The victim's shoes remained in the middle of the road where she was hit as police officers indicated with chalk marks where the woman rolled, about 35 feet east from the impact area.

Saturday investigators were still trying to locate the driver who hit her, said Salt Lake Police Lt. Carroll Mayes. The car was described as a red and black minivan-style vehicle.