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Fears of inflation continue to rain on our Mother's Day Parade. With five of the ponies stumbling, one might wonder if the Fed needed a new weatherman. OTC maintained her lead in spite of forgetting her boots and losing $156. Blue Chip broke her umbrella, dropping $194, but retained second. Silver, knowing every cloud has a silver lining, jumped into third with a $190 gain, while Lipper International held onto fourth even with a $43 loss. Money Market and EE Bonds were singing in the rain, both with $9 gains, and moved to fifth and sixth, respectively. Lipper International stepped in a big puddle with a $196 loss and dripped to seventh. 90-Day CD wore her slicker and gained $8 to stay in eighth. Gold saw a ray of sunshine, gaining $63, but that wasn't enough to move her from ninth. 30-year T-Bond simply refused to go out in the rain, lost $100 and remained in 10th.