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Dennis Rodman is burning the candle at both ends - with his clothes on and his clothes off.

The golden-haired, tattooed Chicago Bulls star played nearly the entire game Saturday in a 102-99 overtime loss to the New York Knicks. But that didn't stop him from showing up a few hours later on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" - naked.Rodman sat behind the show's "Weekend Update" desk, trading jokes with cast member Norm MacDonald and regularly flashing a copy of his new memoir, "Bad As I Wanna Be."

MacDonald chided the mercurial star for having the gall to show up on television with no clothes on. "There are rules!" he screamed.

Rodman, who earlier this year was fined for head-butting a referee, promptly turned to MacDonald and head-butted him to the floor.

The next afternoon, Rodman was back on the court against the Knicks, grabbing 19 rebounds in the Bulls' 94-91 playoff victory.