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A fire started by a girl playing with a lighter did extensive damage to a home in the Val Verda area of south Davis County Monday morning. Three people were in the house when the fire started but all got out safely, South Davis Fire Capt. Jim Rampton reported.

The 8 a.m. fire in the home at 438 W. 3300 South in the unincorported Val Verda area did at least $50,000 damage to the house, which Rampton said was being rented by a family.The mother of the 9-year-old girl who started the fire suffered a twisted ankle when she fell trying to carry water from the kitchen to the bedroom to put it out, Rampton said, but the family then fled from the house and no other injuries were reported.

"It was going pretty good. We could see smoke when we left the station and there was heavy smoke and flames showing as we arrived," Rampton said.

Although the fire did not break through the home's roof, it damaged the roof trusses and did extensive damage to other portions of the house, Rampton said.