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Maybe they felt guilty.

Two dogs called the police Sunday after ransacking their owner's home in this southwestern town."All the woman answering the emergency number could hear was gurgling and breathing," said Carol Galpin, the homeowner. "She thought someone had collapsed."

Police contacted Galpin at the office where she works as a medical secretary. She told them that as far as she knew, there was no one at home to collapse.

A patrolman popped by to investigate. He looked through the letter slot and, seeing a mess, presumed a burglary had taken place.

Galpin rushed home. But instead of burglars, she discovered that Rokey and Archie, her two Labrador mixes, had pulled dozens of books off the shelves.

"They had ransacked the place. Everything was everywhere," she said. "They had really gone to town. They had a really good time."

They also pulled the phone off the phone table, dragging it into her bedroom and onto her bed, and dialed 999, the emergency number in Britain.

The phone has no speed-dial facility, so they must have dialed themselves, Galpin said.

"They would have actually had to press the buttons," she said. "They might've known they'd done something."