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The new Bowman's Market, under construction just east of the current store, has hit a snag - the unexpected financial cost associated with uncovering a spring of water, removal of concrete pieces and old gasoline tanks.

Dick Bowman, store owner, still expects to open his new grocery store by early July, but the new city roadway - 300 North - he's building next to his new market - has cost him more than $81,000 extra to overcome the unforeseen underground problems.Since Bowman purchased the land from the city and because 300 North will be a public road, the City Council has agreed to share some of the street's expenses with Bowman.

The city will pay half of the street's $100,000 original cost, plus half the $51,300 Bowman has spent for old concrete removal and also for installing land drains to take care of the spring water.

"It's a city street," Dean Larsen of Associated Store Development, who represents Bowman, told the council. "We didn't feel like we were taking liability for the city."

In exchange for the shared costs, the city will take back some 2.4 acres east of the new store and on the other side of the road that Bowman bought from Kaysville City. Worth at least $60,000 an acre, City Manager John Thacker believes the land will more than offset the extra costs the city incur's in road development.

City Councilman Reed Nelson said he believes the city has a moral obligation to share in the road's costs, given the unusual and hidden costs.

Another councilman, Robert H. Rees, said he was a little uncomfortable with the shared cost deal but voted affirmatively to produce a unanimous decision. Councilman Brian D. Cook abstained in the discussion and voting because he disclosed a financial interest in the new Bowman's store.

One request from Bowman the city turned down, however, was paying for the soil compaction work on the power line trenches along the new street.

Thacker said the city doesn't have the equipment to do soil compacting and its always been standard procedure that developers do that.