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The current congressional charade that pretends to reform medical care should be called for what it is, a flim-flam political exercise to keep special interests happy.

The public is paying far too much now for medical-care insurance because for a quarter century insurance companies have been calling the shots. Insurance companies almost own America without medical-care insurance. The massive profits in automobile insurance, for example, should be enough for the greediest corporations. None of the companies would go broke if they had to compete with a single-payer insurance for medical care such as Canadians enjoy.The latest health-care bill allowing portability is a poor excuse for what is really needed. Obviously Congress hopes this meager change will get critics off the backs of congressmen running for re-election.

Real medical-care reform would support the best medical profession in the world, with hardly a ripple in clinical functions. If we Americans are remanded to HMOs, we and the American Medical Association will suffer together, and the end result could be tragic.

Eugene J. Faux