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Utah County Commission

In its Tuesday, May 14, meeting, the Utah County Commission is expected to:

- Sign an agreement between the Utah County Health Department's Women and Children in Crisis program and Byron Rivera for Spanish language training.

- Authorize new contribution rates to the Utah County Public Employees retirement system, the Utah County Public Safety Employees retirement system, the public employees supplementary plan and the supplementary plan for exempt employees.

- Sign a grant application to the State of Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, which would allow the Utah County Jail to expand its weekend work diversion program to seven days a week.

- Indicate its support or non-support, by letter, of the proposed acquisition of 357 acres of land near Goshen by the state Division of Wildlife Resources.

That meeting will start at 9 a.m. at the Utah County Administration Building, 100 E. Center, Provo.

Orem City Council

The Orem City Council will meet Tuesday, May 14, to discuss:

- The adoption of storm sewer fees at a rate of $3 per month per equivalant service unit (2700 square feet of impervious surface) for commercial accounts and $3 per month per household.

- The installation of stop signs at 630 North and 675 North on 900 West and at 500 N. 100 East.

- Participation of personnel in the Public Safety Department in dispatcher training and certification.

- Amending the notification policy for residents and affected parties within 200, 300, 400 or 500 feet of a request and/or determining whether legal notices will be published in the Deseret News as well as The Daily Herald.

- Request from Taylor Homes Inc. For preliminary development of Blackhawk PRD and Blackhawk Condominiums at 120 West 930 North. The council has twice denied this request. Planning commissioners have recommended approval.

The council meets at 6 p.m. in the City Center at 56 N. State.

Alpine School Board

In its Tuesday, May 14, meeting, the Alpine School Board is expected to:

- Authorize the issuance of and confirm the sale of $25 million in bonding for future school construction and renovations.

- Name a new elementary school under construction in Lindon.

- Approve students fees, including for textbook rentals, locker fees and activity charges, for the 1996-97 school year.

- Approve traditional school calendars for the 1996-97, 1997-98 and 1998-99 school years.

- Discuss proposed policies dealing with out-of-area school transfers and the issue of interdistrict school choice.

- Give an opportunity for members of the public to address the board with their concerns.

That meeting will start at 6 p.m. at the Alpine School District Administration Offices, 575 N. 100 East, American Fork.


In its Tuesday, May 14, meeting, the Lehi City Council is scheduled to:

- Consider a request for the construction of Four Seasons, a heating and refrigeration business to be located at 600 W. State St.

- Hear a presentation from the U.S. Forest Service regarding a new management plan for American Fork Canyon.

- Discuss a policy declaration relative to the annexation of 5,700 acres including the West Lake Special Service District and various parcels between 800 South and the northern border of Utah Lake and west of 500 West.

- Adopt a tentative budget for fiscal year 1996-97.

- Hear a presentation from the Housing Authority of Utah for a request of home funds from Lehi City allotment for low-income housing.

- Adopt an ordinance covering standards for granting cable TV franchises.


At its May 14 meeting, the Highland City Council is scheduled to:

- Swear in Craig Smedley as a city planning commissioner; consider appointing Harry Matheney and Glen Vawdrey to the commission.

- Hear an update on the pressurized irrigation system.

- Discuss the city administrators suggested budget for fiscal 1996-97.

- Appoint a member to the Mount Timpanogos Special Service District Board.

- Consider a recreation agreement with American Fork. Funding for 1996-97 hasn't been set, but is anticipated to go up.

- Consider paying another $5,000 for a water connection at an equestrian park in Utah County to be jointly built by Highland, Lehi and the county. The city has already put $20,000 into the project.

- Consider spending $2,000 for ninth-grade football uniforms.

- Discuss progress of the northwest annexation committee.

- Consider a interlocal agreement with Utah County, Alpine, American Fork and Lehi to share legal costs for action against the Salt Lake Water Conservancy District.

The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. at the Highland City Offices, 5378 W. 10400 North.

Government action

Utah County Commission

In its Tuesday, May 7, meeting, the Utah County Commission:

- Continued a public hearing on the annexation of Highland into the Timpanogos Special Service District until the commission's Tuesday, May 28, meeting.

- Approved and enacted an ordinance to amend sections of the Utah County Diesel Vehicle Emissions Inspection/Maintenance Program.

- Signed an application for a Edward Byrne State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance Formula Grant on behalf of the Utah County Gang Project.

- Adopted a new building use policy, building use application form and contract for use in leasing Utah County facilities.

- Executed an agreement between Utah County and Utah Valley State College for a $200,000 grant to help purchase seats for the David O. McKay Events Center on the UVSC campus.

- Adopted and approved an ordinance executing an interlocal cooperation agreement between Utah County and Adult Probation and Parole for recoupment fees.


In its May 7 meeting the City Council:

- Waived the 25 percent density rule for Arlan Ostergaard in an application for a duplex at 300 W. 550 North and Clyde Ashton, 60 N. 400 West for an accessory apartment.

- Adopted amended language in the drug free workplace policy. New language says that workers on prescription drugs must inform their supervisor.

- Said plans for the new city center wouldn't be available May 15 for public viewing as earlier proposed.

- Discussed the potential of shutting off the city's gray water system to people who waste it, and then let them discuss it with the council. Under the current ordinance they must talk to the council first before they are shut off.

Nebo School District

In its Wednesday, May 8, meeting, the Nebo School District:

- Adopted the official canvass of the $30 million bond election held May 7, certifying passage of the measure. The district then adopted a resolution authorizing issuance of the general obligation bonds. They will be sold June 12.

- Discussed a Payson resident's request to repair a sidewalk near Barnett Elementary School to avoid an accident. Superintendent Denis Poulson said the district has to be careful with setting precedents. The resident was instructed to approach the city about the problem.