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For the first time in its existence, Eaglewood Golf Course may not have to be propped up with money from the city's general fund next year, according to the tentative city budget to be presented to the City Council this week.

City officials had hoped the golf course could stand on its own financial feet last fiscal year, but a wet spring and correspondingly few hackers wanting to duff their drives on the fairways forced administrators to pump $40,000 into the golf enterprise fund."Had we had some decent weather last year, we would have been OK," said city golf and recreation director Scott Gardner. "We've become a very popular course. I think people have accepted it well."

Eaglewood is now into its third golfing season.

The budget for fiscal 1996-97 is close to that of last year and contains no tax or fee increases. The most significant change from last year is funding for a new full-time police officer, which would raise the city's full-time police force to 10.

Administrators have been socking money away in the capital projects fund for a few years to partially finance the reconstruction of Orchard Drive, including road widening and new traffic lights, but no significant work has been done yet. City Manager Collin Wood said a traffic light at Center Street and Orchard would likely go up next year.

In addition, officials have been wanting to remodel and enlarge city hall for some time now, but haven't actually done it yet. Wood said it's likely it will finally happen this year, since bids have been received and are now being perused by the City Council.

The bids ranged from $188,000 to more than $400,000. The project includes remodeling for better compliance with current building codes and expansion of the front parking lot.

The council plans to adopt the final budget Tuesday, June 18. A public hearing is tentatively planned for Tuesday, May 21, at City Hall, 20 S. U.S. 89.




General fund: $3,092,200


General fund: $2,821,710


Where it comes from:

Property tax: $674,000

Last year: $644,500

Sales tax: $1,134,000

Last year: $956,000 Fines & Forfeitures: $340,000

Last year: $310,000

Garbage Fees: $265,200

Last year: $263,00

Building permits: $175,000

Last year: $175,000

Where it goes:

Police: $678,440

Last year: $613,070

Streets: $705,600

Last year: $617,450

Bond payments: $152,840

Last year: $147,270

Parks & recreation: $155,550

Last year: $121,150

Capitol projects: $194,340

Last year: $145,280

Tax/fee increases: