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A $150,000 water revenue bond has been authorized by the Richfield City Council to finance a new culinary water well and expand the system.

It was also reported that a majority of residents who live along and adjacent to 400 West in Richfield favor a major paving and street widening project along 11 blocks of the street. Some $400,000 in federal highway funds are available for the project, said Mayor Paul Lyman.City Recorder Michele Jolley reported that the water revenue bond will mature in not more than 16 years, requiring annual installments and an interest rate of 3 percent per year.

A suggestion by the mayor some time ago that the city install an underground irrigation system to alleviate the demand for culinary water in summer months met with disfavor from council members because of the multimillion-dollar costs.

Council members opted instead to increase the culinary supply by drilling more wells and removing from that system some of the public water users who use substantial amounts of culinary water for irrigation. Some schools, parks and the, cemetery can use irrigation water delivered by canals through a limited irrigation system.

Support for the major project along 400 West was indicated at a public hearing. The project is expected to get the go ahead in 1997 and would also provide curb, gutter and sidewalk installation and improvements.

Even with the $400,000 in federal highway funding, property owners would have to foot some of the bill. The improvements would be between 300 North and 800 South streets.

A formal request and approval of the majority of property owners for establishing a special improvement district will be required.