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Inside Mike Sanford's room he has a collection of baseball's displayed on his shelf.

Sanford's high school days at Springville have been memorable. There's one from a home run, another one from a game-winning hit and there's one that he wrote two words on the makes that baseball a collectable. The words "No hit," separate that ball from the others.It happened on Tuesday, April 9 in a game against Timpview. Sanford had pitched three innings without giving up a hit, a fact his teammates reminded him of.

Two innings later, Sanford made it official striking out a Timpview batter to end the game.

The same day, Amy Stradling didn't think about saving the game ball after she tossed a ho-hitter in a game against Provo.

In fact, Stradling didn't even know she had thrown a no-hitter until the Red Devils walked off the field with a 12-0 win over Provo.

"Our pitching coach came up to me and said congratulations on pitching a no-hitter," Stradling said.

It was incredible, unheard of. Two pitchers from the same school pitching a no-hitter on the same day.

"I found out the next day that Amy had thrown a no-hitter too. I think that's pretty cool," Sanford said. "I'd never heard of that before - where two people from the same school pitched no-hitters on the same day."

"I told him good job," Stradling added. "It was pretty exciting to throw a no-hitter and to have Mike do the same thing the same day."

Now as Springville's baseball and softball teams prepare to host inter-region games this week, both are hoping to continue to be unhittable.

Sanford's five-inning no-hitter was nearly a perfect game but he walked one Timpview batter. Since then Sanford hasn't been unhittable, but he has been unbeatable, posting wins over Payson and Provo.

On the year, Sanford is now 5-3 with a 3.73 ERA. He relies on a lively fastball that's been clocked in the high 80's, along with deceptive changeup. "His fastball is his best pitch. When he's throwing hard he's pretty tough to hit," said Springville pitching coach Kelly Clements.

Timpview never could catch up to Sanford's fastball. Of the 68 pitches he threw, 56 of those were fastballs.

Sanford is one of three starting pitchers Springville will be counting on to repeat as 4A state champs. The other two starters are Mike Crane and Jesse Huff.

Softball coach Suzette Nelson says Stradling is actually the Red Devils No. 2 pitcher behind Kristy Farnworth, but Nelson often uses both in an effort to keep opponents from getting comfortable with one of them.

Stradling didn't pitch on the varsity level last year as a junior, but now as a senior has been a key to Springville's success. On the year, Stradling is 6-3 and sports a 2.03 ERA.

Now the question is can these two repeat this rareity again at a time when it counts the most?

"I hope so," Stradling said. "But I'm going out there trying to do it."

As for Sanford he said, "I've pitched twice since then. I didn't even think about pitching another no-hitter. It never came to my mind."