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A Bountiful woman's suit claiming she was drugged and unable to give legal consent to her newborn's adoption in 1967 has been dismissed by a judge who said she waited too long to bring the action.

"She knew that she was injured once she had her full faculties following the birth of the child," 3rd District Judge Kenneth Rigtrup ruled Monday in dismissing Nancy Safsten's suit against the LDS Church and its Social Services agency.The legal deadlines to file her claims expired decades ago, the judge said.

Safsten's suit said she had regretted her son's adoption every day since January 1967, the judge noted, showing she had notice of her claims then and could have pursued a lawsuit.

Safsten's attorney, Richard Hackwell, said she will appeal.

Safsten searched for her son, now 29, and was reunited with him in 1990.

Hackwell had argued Safsten did not discover her legal claim until August 1990, when she received her medical records and compared them to the adoption release form she signed. Safsten claims the comparison showed she was incapacitated from an anti-psychotic drug at the time.