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I moved to Salt Lake City in 1993. Since that time I have watched the traffic flow on our street (6710 South, east of 2300 East) increase noticeably. We residents on the street share the concern for the welfare of the many children in the neighborhood. We have all contacted the sheriff's office numerous times concerning the speeding cars that are constantly going up and down the street. There have been speed signs posted at irregular intervals, which do absolutely no good.

Recently, at a point just east of 2300 East, a device was placed that counts traffic. We hope this information will result in some action being taken to give some relief.It might be a good idea if the people who do the speeding would voluntarily slow down to the legal, posted speed limit. After all, we are supposed to be law-abiding citizens.

It is hoped that something can be done before one of the children in the area is killed by a speeding car.

Helen H. Fleming

Salt Lake City