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I was pleasantly surprised to see the Deseret News publish an article revealing how liberal the National Education Association has become. The May 7 article pointed out that the NEA has adopted resolutions supporting gay clubs, abortion, sex education and gun control.

I wasn't surprised, though, to see that UEA officials were allowed to lie without rebuttal in order to lessen the impact these liberal resolutions will have on Utah's conservative teachers. Yes, the resolutions may not be binding on teachers, but to say that no dues are paid for them is a long way away from the truth. The fact is that the NEA is very politically involved and uses a sizable portion of the dues it collects to push the very causes outlined in the resolutions it adopts.Teachers ought to be gravely concerned that a large majority of NEA members feel that children should be taught about homosexuality and abortion, but more so they should be concerned that their union dues are furthering these causes. Their money will buy just as much TV and radio time as a liberal's money.

Their money is being used to pay for candidates that they would never vote for. Their money is being used to elect a president and governors who will appoint liberal judges who may in turn declare that homosexual marriages are legal and that abortion is constitutional. Their money is being used to file lawsuits against states that restrict abortion and bans on gay clubs. Their money is being used to bring about a society that they personally find repugnant.

UEA officials ought to be ashamed of themselves for lying to their members this way. They should either get the UEA out of the NEA or have the courage to tell their members just what the NEA is doing.

Brad Daw