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In the 3rd Congressional District, the race has come down to two capable and qualified men: Chris Cannon and Tom Draschil. The candidates seem to be compatible on most issues such as states' rights, balanced budget and right to life. However, on one issue they are decidedly different. That issue is free trade.

Draschil wants to repeal GATT and NAFTA to implement "fair" trade, a position Bill Orton also holds. It seems that what these two really mean by "fair" trade is protectionism. High import tariffs to discourage bringing foreign goods into the country, in effect raising the prices domestic producers can charge for their goods. Is this "fair"? If you are a manufacturer I guess it is, but not if you are a purchaser, which we all are, and not if you export to other countries that will certainly enact retaliatory tariffs.Chris Cannon, on the other hand, is massively pro-free trade. Free trade allows for the creation of jobs in all countries involved. Sure, some shifting and reorganizing will have to take place in the economy, but as with the growing adolescent, these pains pay off by creating a healthy-sized adult. Forgoing these pains might result in stunted growth and weakened economic status.

A vote for Chris Cannon in the Republican primary is a vote for greater economic growth and a better standard of living for future generations.

J. Nathan Anderson