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Mountain View Hospital has received three prestigious national awards - the only hospital in the country to receive all three.

The awards are:- Top 100 Hospitals - Benchmarks for Success. Qualifying hospitals had to rank above their peers on eight measures that indicate high value to customers through effective use of resources, efficient provision of care and high-quality outcomes - a balance that has been found to be the best combination for long-term institutional stability.

- Accreditation with Commendation from the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Health Care Organizations. Every three years all hospitals are required to be accredited by the Joint Commission. It's a grueling process that looks at everything from patient rights and care to management and environmental concerns. In 1995 only 12 percent of hospitals nationwide received accreditation with commendation.

- Top 50 hospitals in managing costs and maintaining quality. A survey by KPMG Peat Marwick identified hospitals that were the leaders in cost-effectiveness while maintaining high quality care. The study also showed patient stays were shorter and mortality rates lower in the top 50 hospitals.

"We may be a small hospital in a small town," said Don Larsen, Mountain View CEO, "but this kind of recognition says that we are the best small hospital around."

Larsen said it's especially important for the public to know how important each individual is to the whole.

"When you go into any business and deal with just one or two people, you don't realize how many other people it takes to support them," Larsen said. He said it doesn't matter whether workers are washing the floor, answering the phone or performing complex surgery. It takes everyone working together to make it work.