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I believe the very best thing that could possibly happen for the benefit of the "little people" has happened. I refer to the right of the small towns to protect their boundaries and their way of life by forming townships. Being from a small town, I know what it's like to watch a big town advancing toward you and not being able to stop it unless we incorporate.

Thanks to Sue Lockman, we can now maintain our way of life without the excess cost of incorporating. We no longer have the threat of annexation breathing down our necks. In my opinion, if Sue Lockman ever runs for president, she's a shoo-in. Thanks should also be given to county attorney Short and to Gov. Leavitt for signing it. It is my understanding these people have received a lot of "crybaby" pressure from areas that wanted to take over smaller areas.In my opinion, this hostile takeover is instituted by greed and is in no way done because the big cities feel it is in the best interest of the smaller cities. Well, raspberries to you all.

An attorney who helped us with our township presentation is Joann Shields. Once again, thanks to you all.

Lowell D. Shields