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The plywood cabin where Theodore Kaczynski lived alone in the Montana woods was delivered to Malmstrom Air Force Base today by flatbed truck.

Kaczynski, who is suspected of being the Unabomber, was arrested at the cabin April 3 on a charge that he possessed bomb components. He is jailed in Helena, and has not been charged with any of the Unabomber crimes.Kaczynski's lawyer had asked that the cabin be moved from its site near Lincoln, northwest of Helena, and the FBI reportedly wanted it secured as evidence. It had already been moved a short distance and placed on skids earlier this month.

The Washington Post reported today that a secret identifying number used by the Unabomber was found in Kaczynski's cabin.

"He sent the number so we would always know that correspondence was from him," the paper quoted an unidentified senior federal law enforcement official as saying.

The nine-digit number never was revealed to the public before Kaczynski's arrest. It appeared on correspondence in which the Unabomber predicted and claimed responsibility for bombings, as well as on a letter found in Kaczynski's cabin, the Post said.

The 10-by-12-foot cabin, covered with a green plastic tarp, was moved from Lincoln during the night and reached the Malmstrom gate before dawn today, KRTV-TV of Great Falls reported.

The shack will be stored at an undisclosed location on the base, said Lt. Dave Honchul, a Malmstrom spokesman.