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Dixie College is currently offering a registered nursing course through an outreach program with Weber State University. And when the 1996 fall quarter begins, a new licensed practical nursing program will be offered, independent of Weber or any other university.

Kevin Tipton, director of nursing at Dixie College and a former nursing instructor at Utah Valley State College, says he is challenged by the prospect of developing the LPN curriculum.To construct the LPN program from scratch, he and college administrators face several tasks. They must receive state and national approval and accreditation, develop curriculum, recruit students and form a staff.

"The State Board of Regents has given Dixie College permission to start with the LPN certificate. After a year's time, they will reassess the need for a nursing program in this area. At that point, they can approve the inclusion of the RN program into Dixie College curriculum," Tipton said.

"Meetings have already begun with area health agencies to establish relationships for a clinical placement program," Tipton said. "I appreciate the support that we have received from the health professionals in the community. We've received encouragement everywhere. An LPN program is meeting a need for the college and the community."

In addition to the RN program now in place at Dixie College, a paramedic program is already experiencing growth, Tipton indicated. He would like to see other allied health programs implemented, such as training for nursing assistants and medical assistants, as well as others.

For information about nursing and other allied health programs, call Tipton at 652-7863.