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Panguitch residents and businesses can no longer erect signs at a whim, under a new lengthy ordinance adopted by the City Council.

Officials said the ordinance supplements and implements state requirements.Garfield County commissioners said they want to maintain visual quality of the landscape and eliminate hazards. That's why the ordinance contains a myriad of "dos" and "don'ts" for erecting signs.

Because the regulations don't necessarily ensure architectural compatibility, consideration will be given to overall appearance of the property and the surrounding area, officials said. Signs may be less restricted on a land parcel of five acres or more, but this must be approved by the Planning Commission.

Permits will be required to erect a sign, costing $25 annually, and will be issued for private property only in commercial and industrial areas. Signs that have been obtained with a Utah Department of Transportation permit are exempt from the Panguitch ordinance.

Among specific requirements of the ordinance: Signs cannot be erected within 500 feet of public parks, forests and playgrounds; flashing or intermittent lighting will not be allowed; an 8-foot "clear space" is required between the ground and the bottom of a sign; signs must be kept in good condition.