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The Division of Wildlife Resources will move into the new Department of Natural Resources building, located at 1594 West North Temple, on Monday.

The new building, located on the site of the former Division of Wildlife Resources building, will house the divisions of Wildlife Resources; Oil, Gas and Mining; Sovereign Lands and Forestry; and the Utah Geological Survey, as well as part of the Department of Natural Resources administrative staff.The current Department of Natural Resources building, located next to the new building, will continue to house the divisions of Parks and Recreation; Water Resources; and Water Rights, as well as part of the department's administrative staff.

The two buildings are joined by a walkway.

The Division of Wildlife Resources information desk is located on the west side of the new building's lobby and will offers such services as wildlife information, fishing license, small game license and Habitat Authorization sales and duplicate hunter education cards.

There will be some advantages to having the Wildlife Resources information desk in the same building with other division's offices, said Linda Stoinski, Division information manager.

For instance, hunters will now be able to obtain topographical maps without having to travel to a different location. Utah Geological Survey topographical maps will be available in the Department of Natural Resources bookstore, located next to the division's information desk.

The new building will also feature a central library, where information from all the divisions can be found.

The move will not affect the division's Salt Lake City office information telephone numbers. People will still be able to call 538-4700 for information. The division's new Salt Lake City office address will be Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, 1594 West North Temple, Suite 2110, Box 146301, Salt Lake City, UT, 84114-6301.