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Pronouncing his visit to Britain "terrific," O.J. Simpson arrived back in his homeland saying, "I don't care what anybody thinks. I have my personal peace."

"I am not trying to mend any image," Simpson told a throng of reporters that met him at Kennedy Airport on Wednesday. "I don't ever expect to do any commercials ever again. I plan to live my life as best, as comfortably and as interestingly as I can."In his four-day trip, he appeared on a British talk show, played some golf and took questions from an Oxford debating society.

"People were terrific there," he said. "They are better informed than most of the pundits in the United States as far as the facts of my case are concerned."

Buoyant and upbeat as he answered questions outside his limousine, Simpson said he may fly overseas soon and has invitations "from all over the world."

"I keep hearing people say I've been shunned," he said. "No place I've been to have they asked me to leave or not come back."

Meantime in Los Angeles, a plaintiff's attorney in the civil case against Simpson said one of Simpson's closest friends testified that he and Al "A.C." Cowlings searched Simpson's golf bag for a murder weapon but came up empty.

In a deposition, Robert Kardashian testified that curiosity drove him to inspect the bag two weeks after Simpson's ex-wife's murder, said attorney Daniel Petrocelli.

"They tore it apart. They emptied it. They looked for blood and claimed to have not found a murder weapon," Petrocelli said in an interview.