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Utah County Jail officials say an inmate escaped from the facility's east housing unit by digging his way through a sheetrock wall late Wednesday evening.

Utah County Sheriff's Lt. Jay Colledge said Carl Ray Johnson, 26, Midvale, was housed in one of the jail's unsecured wings, which were converted from office space last year to help with overcrowding. Johnson evidently burrowed through the wall into an office and escaped through a window.Johnson's absence wasn't detected until after 11 p.m. He has been awaiting sentencing on burglary, auto burglary and theft. He is not considered a violent threat to the community, Colledge said.

Johnson was wearing a navy blue shirt and pants, the "uniform" for the wing of the jail in which he was housed. He is described as a white male, 5-feet 8-inches tall and weighing 170 lbs. He has brown hair and eyes.

Anyone with any information on his whereabouts is urged to contact sheriff's dispatchers, 375-3601.