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M. Bush's letter of April 1 announced, in a tantrum reminiscent of the NOW crowd, that he and all his fellow SUWA members are commencing a boycott of Kanab businesses because some Kanab officials see SUWA as extremist. What better example of extremism could one cite than the behavior of M. Bush?

He also said that his millions of SUWA members across the country and Europe will be supporting the boycott. He confirmed what I have long suspected - that a large block of SUWA support comes from outside Utah. This I deeply resent. I do not mind their boycott. But I hate these extremists for their effort to misrepresent and to misinform.These phoney SUWA environmentalists, like the Sierra Club, put anything animal, mineral or plant ahead of human value except if the human is one of their own. We cannot use timber, not even diseased or dying timber. They would rather see it burned by forest fires (which are made more likely without responsible timber harvest).

Yet it is fine for their own R. Redford to cut down all the trees on Sundance mountain to make himself a money-making playground. Yes, they are extremist and they are hypocrites.

Nice going, Kanab. Now if we can get them to boycott the rest of the state, we and the environment will be far better off.

D. Carlos Adams

Salt Lake City