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A Logan man charged with pulling a gun during a traffic confrontation pleaded guilty and was fined $500.

Marc Pett, 27, entered the plea to misdemeanor possession of a dangerous weapon. The charge will be dismissed in a year if Pett doesn't violate the law.Although he pleaded guilty, Pett told 1st Circuit Judge Burton Harris he didn't pull the gun. But the other driver, Todd Theurer, a gun enthusiast, said again Tuesday he's sure he saw a gun.

In the Feb. 7 incident, the two drivers were headed north on U-165. Pett, who said he was in a hurry, was tailgating Theurer. When the road widened, Pett sped ahead, shaking his head at Theurer. The two exchanged words.

Then, according to Theurer, Pett displayed a gun and appeared to pull the slide to chamber a round. Theurer backed off, jotted the license number and called police.