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An infant who was beaten almost to death allegedly by a 6-year-old boy has been released from the hospital, although doctors say he faces an uncertain future.

Ignacio Bermudez Jr., now 2 months old, was released from Oakland Children's Hospital on Thursday, nearly four weeks after the attack.The baby slept peacefully in the arms of his mother and nursed a yellow pacifier as his parents talked to reporters.

"I know he's suffered a lot in the previous days, and I am really looking forward to when we first get the baby home," said his mother, Maria Carmen Bermudez. "I will give him a lot of attention. I will dedicate myself to him."

Doctors said Ignacio suffered extensive brain damage and faces disabilities that could leave him blind and unable to walk.

Ignacio Bermudez Sr. said he is moving his family into public housing in another neighborhood because of crime in the tough area where they live now.

"But also because we don't want to stay in the same house," he said, his voice cracking slightly. "I never want to see the place where it happened again."

The 6-year-old boy accused of using his hands, feet and a stick to beat the baby remained in custody in Contra Costa Juvenile Hall. He was undergoing psychological testing in preparation for a competency hearing June 7.